Sri Guru Gobind Singh Public School

Right From its inception Sri Guru Gobind Singh Public School has been committed to the all round development of its students and true to his ideology, Some of its valuable aims are:-

·        To provide quality education.

·        To help students to achieve excellence in all fields of life.

·        To develop among the students the feelings of universal brotherhood. To make the students aware of their rich cultural heritage and their responsibility of preserving,promoting and enriching it further.

·        To develop among the students scientific attitude for crystal clear thinking.

·        To inculcate among the students human qualities so that they could be embodiment of virtuous living

·        To orient them all to a sense of responsibility towards self, society and the nation.

·        To work for the harmonious development of the personality of the students.

·        To inculcate among the students rich moral, social and professional ethics so that they could do justice to their role as ‘Nation-Builders’.

·        To make the students aware of their current educational, social, political, economic, cultural, industrial and technological scenario.

·         To sensitize them on the sensitive social issues like gender bias, dowry, environment pollution,illiteracy, drug etc.

·        To make them aware of their changing role and responsibility in the context of global setup.

·         To develop among the students the leadership quality and management skills through various co- curricular activities.

·        To develop among the students the art of creating ‘Wonders from waste’

·        To make the students adhere to the discipline to the institutes in its true letter and spirit.

About the School

Sri Guru Gobind Singh Public School was started in 2004 with a mission to provide quality education to the students of Mukerian and its adjoining areas. Although started with a humble beginning with a strength of less than 100 students. We have become the first choice of parents and students with always increasing strength year by year. Our dedicated and committed work professional caring attitude have made us one of the best institution of Doaba region.


ਫੈਲੇ ਵਿੱਦਿਆ ਚਾਨਣ ਹੋਏ   an expression in Sri Guru Granth Sahib which means to lead from darkness to light of knowledge and wisdom. Education is the only path that can take us to this light. It is the only force that can liberate mankind of ignorance, deliver it from gloom of hopelessness and take it to the zenith of hope.


The mission of the school is to take an initiative in imparting education with a deep commitment to excellence in education. Our endeavour is to impart education that goes beyond parameters of formal school and prepares the students to face the realities of life and take care their rightful place in the modern competitive world.

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